Buckin' Ohio

Opening the ranch to the public for our  Buckin’ Ohio bullriding series is like taking your dream and letting the world join you.  I love our ranch and feel so privileged to live here. Buckin’ Ohio has been our way to keep the western heritage alive and to share it with others. We have been blessed in meeting so many great people.

We are proud to feature some of the rankest bulls, toughest cowboys and prettiest cowgirls competing anywhere in the country.  Some of our bulls are stars competing on the national circuit.  This summer you can see them live here at the ranch instead of on your TV set.  These bulls are wild, mean & nasty athletes with a bad attitude.

We’ll sell you a seat, but you’ll only need the edge.  The excitement of the Buckin Ohio Bullriding will be branded in your heart forever!

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